Private Investigation

Private Investigation Malaysia


What You Need to Know About Private Investigators

    • We have the resources to gather information that others can’t
    • We’re trained to observe and analyze people discreetly
    • We can keep secrets until we’re asked to testify in court
    • We’re professionals who provide accurate answers to questions you’re afraid to ask
    • We do not live off coffee and donuts when carrying out surveillance

Let MVD provide the legwork to help you live a happier life

Besides helping companies, MVD International is also committed to assisting individuals with their investigation needs. The Private Investigation Services we offer include the following :

Adultery/Infidelity/Cheating Spouse Investigation – Our Investigators/detectives are engaged as private investigator to check on your partner. We understand that this is a very difficult decision for our clients; however not knowing what the truth is could be more difficult. There needs to be closures for our clients. Our investigators will help our clients through this difficult process of finding out the truth in a discreet and confidential manner. Evidence obtained by our investigators can be use in the courts of law in the event our clients decide for a legal proceeding.

SurveillanceOur team of Investigators / detectives would generally work 12 hours to carry out the surveillance and follow the subject throughout the day to gather evidence in the form of photos, videos and audio. This evidence is then put into the form of report and submitted to our client for their safe keeping. Our team of dedicated investigators / detectives will not leave any situation and events un attended as we use a team of 3-4 personnel to achieve best results for our clients.

Pre/Post-Matrimonial Checks Our team of Investigators / detectives have also handle cases where our clients were uncertain about the partner they were about to get married to or the partners behaviour that has changed after marriage. Marriage is a major step in any ones lives and today’s situation of broken marriages and divorce rates, cheating in marriages, and scamming have put pressure on the bride to be and groom to be, to ensure that the person they are committing to for live long, is coming clean with them.

Child Movement MonitoringAre your children lying to you about their where about and often not at home? You need to know what they are up to. Our detectives/investigators will help you monitor your children’s movement and their wellbeing; by helping you track them and report to you timely of the happening and people they are quittance with. Knowing your child activity is the first step to helping them keeping out of trouble.

Child Custody Proving in court that your partner is unfit to look after your child, hence proving evidence is a challenging task. Our team of experience investigators/detectives would normally work very closely with our clients to help them get the evidence required so as this evidence can be used in court of law in order to gain custody of the child. We understand that it is never easy in a divorce proceeding, especially when a child is involved.

Missing Person Statistics shows that 15 person goes missing daily in Malaysia. Our private investigators/detectives have also experience in finding missing person; we would track down the missing people regardless of the location. We provide our services to our client who would like to find the missing person or even to find a long lost family member. We also provide services in finding missing children, kidnapping, lost love, missing pets, missing employee due to fraud.

Tracking via GPSGPS Tracker is installed on vehicles for finding out the movement and location of the vehicles being tracked.  Now you can start tracking your friends, kids or spouses and their whereabouts for their safety and protections.  The GPS trackers uses the mobile network to track locations of the vehicle, and sends its exact location to the person monitoring the GPS tracker. This service is also very useful for Hijacking, Stolen Vehicles, monitoring your employee’s movement for deliveries, trucks fleets, fleets of taxis or even personal vehicles. It also helps investigators track the location of the vehicle during a surveillance activity.

Mobile Phone Checks It’s best to be upfront about tracking somebody and respect their right to privacy, but if you absolutely must track a phone without the owner’s consent or knowledge (i.e. if you’re a parent), here are a few tips on how to do it.

  • Tracking a smartphoneuser is relatively simple. The easiest method is to install a tracking app on the person’s phone whenever you get a chance to do so discreetly. There are dozens of apps out there that’ll get the job done. Just install whatever app you choose.
  • Tracking a non-smartphoneuser is a bit more difficult since there aren’t as many options, but it’s essentially the same drill as above. If the phone is GPS-enabled, install AccuTracking on it. Go through all the necessary steps to set up the account, make sure that it works

Travel CheckTravel check is a service we provide to our clients to frequently travel or have plans to travel to a certain destination. We conduct a detailed study of risk and situation of the destination per say

  • Travel RiskWe can assist clients in checking for travel risk and provide travel advise and send them a report on the travel risk situation about the country they may plan to travel. We can also advise the places to avoid during the visit to a particular country with risk associated with it.
  • Travel Blacklist check – We can also assist our clients and individual to check if they are having any travel restriction attached to their name or passport numbers.

Address Verifications –  MVD International provides a services to verify the address of a person claiming to take a personal loan, business loan or apply for a credit card.  Our team of investigators would physically go to the location of the address and verify the authentication of the address in the application forms. As there are many fraud cases appearing, address verification is one way of reducing risk of fraud and missing person or loan defaulters. Many a times we have found that the address written on the application forms are either fake addresses or does not exist.

Personal / Business Loan VerificationCertain loan applicants are required to submit documents such as paystubs, income tax forms, or other tax records that verify the income stated in their loan request. We collect these documents after the posting of a loan request and carry out verification. We also verify the income of these applicants by electronically checking their income data through a third party provider. If an applicant fails to provide satisfactory information in response to an income verification request, or if we cannot electronically verify the income of select applicants, we would visit either the current employer, the authorities or request more information and documentation from the borrower.

“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on”

~ Winston S. Churchill