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MVD International – Introduction

MVD International is Malaysia’s leading security & investigation firm, specializing in both corporate security services and private investigations. We believe in providing truthful, accurate and timely reports to clients no matter what their requirements.

Ever since its inception in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in the year 2003, MVD has grown by leaps and bounds to become a large conglomerate with networks of associates worldwide.

MVD is now the preferred choice of large corporations for their day to day affair combating corporate crime, as well as for individuals who need help in finding solutions to personal matters (such as marital infidelity).

The company is Quality Assured to internationally recognized Standards. Our services are widely used by insurance companies, law firms, financial institutions, industrial experts and corporations throughout Malaysia.

Our investigators are highly trained specialists with years of practical experience who will ensure your instructions are handled expeditiously and professionally, and in absolute confidence.




  • We are an all-inclusive investigation company, the largest in the region.
  • We are also the first to be ISO-Certified in investigation industry in Malaysia.
  • We are technology-savvy and have MSC (Multimedia Super Corridor) Status



ESTABLISHED 20th January 2003
RM 5,000,000.00
PAID UP CAPITAL RM 1,500,000.00
EQUITY 100% Malaysian
INSURANCE Maximum Liability
RM 1,000,000.00



 MVD International is a Quality Assured company to international recognized standards i.e. ISO 9001:2008. Our highly trained security professionals will ensure that our services are handled expeditiously and professionally hands on at all times.



 MVD INTERNATIONAL SDN BHD is one of Malaysia’s leading organizations specialized in investigation, security, protection and risk management since the year 2003 and is based in Kuala Lumpur with network of associates throughout Malaysia. With a legacy of over 30 years of experience amongst our company directors, senior management and supervisory staff, MVD was established to meet client demands in the private security industry as an accountable, experienced and professional security service provider.MVD is not just security guards but a team of dedicated security professionals consistently delivering a diverse range of world-class, specialized security and risk management services based on international best practices. The strength of our organization is drawn from the commitment and experience of our team who are selected exclusively from the police, military and other related disciplines.

Whilst the private security industry is vast, only true and qualified security professionals are capable of taking responsibility for the protection of places, organizations, businesses, individuals with their families, assets and travel plans. In addition, a security service provider can only be defined as a specialist if such an organization has a proven track record of success working at the upper tier of the security industry. MVD is a specialized security organization focused in providing investigative, security, protection and risk management services with related training.

MVD has the hands on expertise, experience and logistics to provide quality security services referred above with consultation to enhance security and safety to a wide spectrum of clientele in areas of Health Security, Industrial Security, Residential Security, Building Security, Campus Security, Physical Security, Lodging Security, Retail Security, Electronic Security, Cyber Security; and currently serving clients in the Private & Corporate Sector and the public. MVD is also a member of the Security Services Association of Malaysia (SSAM) / Persatuan Perkhidmatan Kawalan Keselamatan Malaysia (PPKKM).

○ Security Guarding
○ Executive Protection (Body Guarding)
○ Mobile Patrol
○ Security Response Teams
○ Event Security Management
○ Canine Patrol (Dog Unit)
○ Neighborhood Watch
○ Electronic Security Systems – Design, installation and Commissioning
○ Corporate & Industrial Investigations
○ Security Surveys & System Audits
○ Covert Security Operation



“When You Need Genuine Evidence, Call MVD!”

MVD International provides a wide range of services covering all facets of investigation, including covert undercover operation together with high-tech surveillance equipment

MVD International also handles the most complex of criminal and pre-trial investigations and conducts protracted investigative matters for solicitors and senior counsel



Among the Investigation Services offered by MVD International are :

ASSET TRACING Locate property, missing funds and other corporate belongings.
BACKGROUND SCREENING Screen existing and potential employees using our award-winning screening solution to weed out bad apples.
FRAUD Protect your organization from accounting abuses, liability cases and false claims.
LITIGATION & DEFENSE SUPPORT From gathering evidence and locating witnesses to arranging expert testimony, MVD International is your one-stop service provider.
DUE DILIGENCE Using our own SDDP (Shhhhh! Due Diligence Project) model, we help companies form the right partnerships that help them grow.
INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY INFRINGEMENT Protect your intangible assets such as trademarks, copyrights and patents
UNDERCOVER INVESTIGATIONS Let our expert undercover operatives reveal the secret world and dirty tricks by giving you up-to-date information at any one time
COUNTER MEASURES Prevent hostile intelligence gathering and equip your team with knowledge to carry out counter measure activities
CONSULTANCY SERVICES We handle security audits, emergency planning, crisis management and disaster recovery program


“Let MVD provide the legwork to help you live a happier life”

Besides helping companies, MVD International is also committed to assisting individuals with their investigation needs



The Private Investigation Services we offer include the following :

SKIP TRACING MISSING PERSONS We have the means to find a lost relative or person in hiding even when he wants to remain unfound.
MATRIMONIAL INFIDELITY Discreet checks on your partner that produces evidence but doesn’t raise suspicion.
PERSONAL & FAMILY LAW We gather and generate expert testimony, reference checks, media searches and credential checks.


•   We have the resources to gather information that others can’t
•   We’re trained to observe and analyze people discreetly
•   We can keep secrets until we’re asked to testify in court
•   We’re professionals who provide accurate answers to questions you’re afraid to ask
•   We do not live off coffee and donuts when carrying out surveillance


“Business intelligence is not just a buzzword but the lifeblood of your organization”

MVD operates specialist teams to gather Corporate and Competitive Intelligence. MVD believes in providing client satisfaction by using a cautious, effective and legal methodology when assembling data



CORPORATE INTELLIGENCE We provide the facts and input to help senior management make informed, timely decisions. This includes understanding the history and track record of an individual or company before hiring or acquiring them
COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE We employ ethical and legal practices to obtain information that gives your company the competitive advantage against your rival organizations. This includes gathering market statistics, analyzing competitor capabilities and determining their future direction

MVD has helped countless companies by providing the right information at the right time to the right person. This helped these companies expand or maintain their market leadership position


“Loose lips might sink ships.” – US Office of War Information slogan during WWII

The slogan above holds true till today. The only difference is that instead of fighting a World War, people are involved in Corporate Wars.

MVD is dedicated to assist socially responsible organizations to maintain and grow against unscrupulous companies that unfairly compete with them.




BUSINESS ESPIONAGE Shield your premises, facilities and communications from illegal eavesdropping.
INFORMATION THEFT & EAVESDROPPING We use our Technical Surveillance Counter Measures to detect and remove items such as bugs and pinhole cameras thus keeping your information secure.


•   Confidential business or trade secrets are known by competitors
•   Technicians show up to do work unexpectedly
•   Secret meetings and bids seem to be less than a secret
•   Strange sounds or volume changes in your telephone
•   Sounds coming from the handset after the call has ended
•   The phone rings and nobody responds or strange tones are heard
•   The radio or TV suddenly develops strange interference
•   There are indications of a burglary but nothing was taken
•   Electronic wall plates appear to have been moved slightly
•   Wall, ceiling or partition dust is noticed on the floor
•   Your door locks do not ‘feel right’



MVD provides the intimate details before you tie-the-knot with an employee or company



MVD provides background screening services for both Individuals and Corporate as follows:

INDIVIDUAL SCREENING Prior to hiring new staff and to check on existing staff, you can use our own background screening program
COMPANY BACKGROUND CHECKS Due diligence reports using our SDDP (Shhhhh! Due Diligence Project) process
CONFIDENTIAL DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CDMS) Confidentiality is supreme when it comes to the huge amounts of sensitive information we deal with in our investigation. As such we dispose of all documents in a secure and environmentally friendly process.


Increase :

• Profits
• Advantage
• Employee Skills
• Safety

Reduce :

• Attrition
• Incompetence
• Theft
• Lawsuits


“Knowledge is power”
– Sir Francis BaconClichéd as it may seem, the phrase above is still very true. At MVD, we believe that empowering your team with knowledge and skills will help them better protect your company’s interest.The Training Division of MVD is known as the Asia Institute of Security & Investigation (ASIA ISI) and is based in Singapore.   It is considered to be Asia’s most experienced and qualified security training group.




The institute has more Singaporean and International qualifications than any other security training organization. Our myriad of courses will suit your every need.Established in 2000, we’ve been delivering high quality training and is the most experienced and qualified training group in Asia.


ASIA ISI trainers are security professionals sourced globally with a combined experience of more than 50 years. Our trainers are hands-on specialist in matters pertaining to investigation and security.  All trainers are full time officers associated with MVD International.Most of our training programs will have guest speakers who are distinguished trainers at their respective fields. Among others are ex-US Marine officers, ex-FBI senior trainers and high ranking Police personnel.


The following certificate programs are provided by ASIA ISI:

Program Description Duration
AAS Aviation & Airport Security  2 Day
ASCI Arts & Science of Corporate Intelligence 2 Day
ESM Effective Security Management  2 Day
BTM Bomb Threat Management  2 Day
BCI Business Competitive Intelligence  2 Day
CTP Cargo Theft Prevention  2 Day
ELS Effective Lodging Security  2 Day
EP Executive Protection  2 Day
ERPM Emergency Response Planning / Management  2 Day
 ESOT  Effective Security Officers Training  2 Day
 FLP  Fraud & Loss Prevention  2 Day
 AIIT  The Art of Investigative Interviews  2 Day
 IWP  Investigations in the Workplace  2 Day
 IS  Industrial Security  2 Day
 PSS  Physical Security Specialist  2 Day
 SGT  Security Guard Training  2 Day
 SHW  Sexual Harassment in the Workplace  1 Day
 SOT  Surveillance Operating Techniques  2 Day
 SRM  Security Risk Management  2 Day
 TCS  Transportation & Cargo Security  2 Day
 TOS  Techniques of Surveillance  1 Day
 UO  Undercover Operations  2 Day
 SST  Security Investigation Techniques – 21st Century Perspective  2 Day
 GDI  Grievances & Domestic Inquiry  2 Day
 SGFM  Security Guard Force Management  2 Day
 WD  Workplace Dishonesty – Prevention & Detection  2 Day
 ORC  Organized Retail Crime  2 Day
 SEM  Event Security Management  2 Day
SSA Security Survey & Audits 2 Day
CGS Casino & Gaming Security 2 Day


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