Security Guards

Security Guards

Our Guards at MVD international Sdn Bhd are highly trained personnel from Uniformed authorities being ex-police force, army , navy and are supervised by well trained personnel.Our Objectives are:

  1. To ensure 100% security at customer sites.
  2. To prevent internal and external theft, burglary or robbery.
  3. Gate & traffic management/access control – to control and screen visitors, staff, suppliers, contractors and vehicles entry/exit.
  4. To detect incidents early and quick response in situation such as fire , burglary, accident, breakdowns.
  5. To detect incidents early and quick response in situation such as accident or other incidents (leaking pipes, flood, overflowing tanks, pressure valves) and take further counter measures.

Types of Guards Protection

  1. Unarmed
    • Uniformed unarmed guards / Unarmed bodyguard
    • Nepalese/Gurkha guard
    • Guard dogs / Dog handler
  2. Armed
    • Uniformed armed guards
    • Armed bodyguards
    • Armed escort

Our guards are trained to provide the security in all the different environment such as:

  1. Commercial Sites
    • Corporate Buildings
    • Commercial Buildings
    • Shopping Malls
    • Hospitals
    • Universities and Colleges
    • Manufacturing facilities
    • Show rooms
    • Factories
    • Shops
  2. Residential Sites
    • Gated and guarded communities
    • Condominiums
    • Individual Houses and Bungalows