With time, pre-employment background checks have turned out to be a matter of necessity. Nowadays, it is seen that too many applicants are making false claims on their job applications as well as resumes in order to cover up their previous criminal activity.

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A background check is a common process that most of the companies in Malaysia execute while hiring a new candidate or employee. This process helps in delivering detailed information about the applicant and ensures that they are not only safe but also reliable to hire.

When you implement background checks properly as part of your standard employment screening practice then you can always expect some incredible benefits that are stated below. 

Quality is maintained

Every employer needs to maintain standards when making the hiring decision because this will keep their workplace safe. In case, an applicant is trying to hide something then they will apply for the position that does not require a background check.

Being an employer, when you implement employment screening procedures like pre-employment background checks you will see that applicants hired are of top quality and the hiring decision also becomes easy.  

Ensures a safe workplace 

Being an employer, everyone wants to ensure that their team is offered a safe workplace as this is an ethical, legal, and business concern. Always remember that workplace violence which is beyond being repulsive can disturb your overall business and also open up to liabilities.

One of the perfect ways to ensure that a new team member is unlikely to become fierce or intimidating is at the time of the pre-employment investigation.

So, you need to conduct employment background checks in order to ensure the safety of your current employees as well as your business financial comfort.  

Reduced costs

You need to know that if the right candidate is not hired for the first time then your employee turnover rate will increase along with the costs. If the first hire did not work properly then again you need to spend money on employee training, recruiting & hiring, and so on.

So, it is better to conduct a background check because it will help you to prevent the hiring of dishonest employees that have a record in criminal activities. This will ultimately help you in reducing the cost of hiring.  

Decrease in turnover

Background checks help an employer to decrease the turnover rates. By applying background checks at the time of pre-employment procedures, an employer gets help in verifying whether an applicant is truthful and right for the company or not.

Therefore, it is essential for all companies to conduct pre-employment background checks to hire the right candidate.