Case studies of successful investigations we have performed over the years.

We pride ourselves on our capacity to handle the uniqueness of each case while maintaining strict confidentiality of each client. We conduct our  investigations with full integrity, dedication and honesty. We do not fabricate any of the evidence gathered and present it as we get it. Many a times evidence are tampered with, or even fabricated. We strictly prohibit this nature of work and do not condone to unethical practices.


Client was concerned that husband was cheating on her due to some tell tale signs. MVD Internationals team of investigators set up surveillance at the husband’s place of employment and by utilizing covert methods was able to document the husband in numerous compromising positions with a co-worker during breaks on the overnight shift and during “so called weekend sales trips”. Our client was devastated but we helped her get in touch with a good divorce attorney who helped her get a pretty hefty settlement due to the mountain of evidence collected by our investigators.

Clients were paternal grandparents of the children and were concerned that their ex-daughter-in-law was exposing the children to her boyfriend a known drug user and loan shark. The judge had previously admonished the mother about having the children around her boyfriend and that she was endangering her parental rights if she was witnessed with her boyfriend around the children. MVD International got our team of investigators on the case and over  several weeks of pain staking nights and early mornings of surveillance and was able to document and testify to the factual observations in court proceedings that the ex-daughter in law and boyfriend were observed together  and the children has been exposed to their drug paraphernalia. The judge admonished the mother and subsequently terminated her parental rights and awarded custody to the grandparents. We were happy that we got to the bottom of this case because innocent children lives were at stake.

Our client who owns a local manufacturing company that works with the Government contracts,  had a high level employee stealing secrets from the company.  The client suspected the employee was working with a competitor and their attorney to sabotage his company and probably be a threat to national security.  MVD International immediately started a multi-day surveillance and followed the suspected employee for a week and hit gold when on a weekend we followed him on a trip out of state to Penang from Kuala Lumpur.  There we were able to get video and still photos of the suspected employee meeting with the competitor and their attorney at a private resort.  It solidified the client’s suspicions and helped to advance the civil lawsuit to the client’s advantage with his competitor.

Every now and then a person just doesn’t want to be found so they can be sued.  In this case the client had a judgement for over RM200,000 and needed the defendant personally served.  Problem was, the defendant was in hiding and didn’t want to be served. None of his colleagues, employees and family knew his whereabouts, like he totally vanished.  A diligent asset search located several business and properties associated with the defendant.

After a difficult search we located the defendant hiding in one of his properties in  Johor.  We staked out his home and waited for him to come outside.  When he did, we served him.  The defendant knew the gig was up when he saw the video camera recording the process of service.  There was no getting out of his debtor’s judgement on this case.

Claimant was alleged to have injured his back in a work related incident and was suing our client for hundreds of thousands. MVD International got on the case and our investigations were able to conduct surveillance and document numerous physical activities that outside of the claimant’s restrictions as if by a miracle his back had recovered enough for a night out clubbing among other things. It should be noted that one other investigative agency had attempted to conduct surveillance and were discovered by the claimant. Our investigative team utilized some different out of the box approach to obtain the necessary video documentation that subsequently led to a reduced settlement saving the company over RM200,000.

The Wealthy client suspected his new wife was meeting up with a gentleman and  suspected that his wife may actually be a gold digger due to some late night messages  and phone calls on her mobile. He asked MVD International to conduct a surveillance over the course of a few weeks.  We were never able to come up with anything substantial to back up the client’s belief his wife was cheating.  All of that changed, however, when the wife said she was going out of town for the weekend with some, “girlfriends”.  We set up on the wife and tracked her to her, “girlfriend’s” house.  Although it wasn’t her, “girlfriend”, but rather her very wealthy new boyfriend.  We successfully tracked the two lovebirds from a posh residence Bangsar to a  resort in the north of the country.  We were able to secure ample video evidence throughout the weekend showing the getaway was anything but, “just friends”. Our client had a solid prenuptial agreement and our evidence gathered ensured that the gold digger got caught.

A local prestigious school was having a problem with vandals. It started with graffiti and over the weeks grew more serious. With class rooms broken into, books and papers strewn about and the fire extinguisher sprayed on desks. MVD International was tasked to provide our security system which consists of security guards and our video surveillance. Our security specialist conducted an audit and highlighted loop holes in the security they had. After MVD International security was put in place all the vandalism stopped. It was quiet for couple of months but than they struck but this time we caught them on our night vision cameras spraying graffiti and trying to breaking the school office but were interrupted by the security on duty . The vandals were identified. They were ex-students who been expelled for disciplinary problems resulting in the suspects being arrested.

There was enough evidence to charge them for the tress-passing and vandalism but MVD International went a step further by studying the graffiti from previous months and identifying the graffiti tags that the suspects had left behind in their hubris of their work and this was enough to link them back to the previous vandalism months back.


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