Close Protection and Bodyguard Service


Isn’t Malaysia a safe country? Or so it seems…

The future holds many opportunities for many, especially the wealthy and powerful.

Malaysia – as well as many South-East Asian nations, and others around the world – is set to make its mark in becoming a high-income economy within the next couple of years.

With such rapid economic growth within the nation, politicians, and businessmen are on the rise, and with that, the exposure (and potential threat) that comes from being wealthy and famous.

Seeing that the rise of personal threat and crime is still at large, wealthy individuals have sought the need for protective security via MVD International’s Close Protection Division, who in turn provide skilled close protection operatives – better widely known as ‘bodyguards’.

Executive Protection Operative (EPO/CPO) | High Profile VIP Threat Management & Protection

Close Protection Operatives, or in other words, Executive Protection Operatives/Officers are highly trained personnel in the field of international security, threat management, operational planning, surveillance, tactical combat, driving and conflict management to name a few. Our CPOs are the best trained in the company and only cater to high value clients that need well-trained and professional protection detail. All our CPOs are well educated and speak atleast two languages, one of them being English as a compulsory requirement. Although we groom qualified applicants to become CPOs over the years working with us, those who make the crème de la crème should atleast have a Bachelors Degree and have had international exposure whilst growing up and/or been educated in international schools.

Special Aide De Camp (SADC) | Personal Assistant With An Edge

Special Aide De Camp (SADC) | Personal Assistant With An EdgeEvery high ranking military official has an aide that follows him wherever he goes and attends to his needs as a personal secretary. Being very close to VIPs has made these aides the last line of defence should anything happen to the commanding officer he/she has been assigned to assist. In fact, calling the aide a personal assistant is an understatement. Aide De Camp is the designated French word for specialised aides that do more than the usual assistant – they are highly educated, acquire close combat skills as well as an analytical mindset and do not portray themselves as a ‘personal bodyguard’. When a person looks like an aide, the first impressions are not usually a bodyguard, but that of a normal executive that perform extraordinary feats.

Principal Protection Officer – ‘bodyguard’ (BG/PPO) | General Protection

Ah, that famous word thrown around – the bodyguard. A Close Protection Operative / Executive Protection Operative can also be the bodyguard, or more professionally known as the Principal Protection Operative/Officer (PPO). The role of the PPO is to protect the VIP, and usually leads the team in a protective security detail surrounding the VIP. Contrary to popular belief, bodyguards aren’t required to be hulky and mean-looking. In most cases, the opposite would suit most high profile executives. Whilst the rest of the protective security team keep a distance from the principal (the VIP), the bodyguard is usually an arm’s length away, from the start of the day, until the end. He has a sharp eye-sight, quick-wit mindset and should be able to protect the principal from every kind of immediate threat that appears. A bodyguard is similar to an aide except that he does not perform secretarial / personal assistant duties and is preferably needed to be much more combat ready.

Quick Reaction Force (QRF) | Emergency Response Team

Emergency Response TeamThe QRF make a crucial part of the Close Protection Team. They provide additional support in case of a large scale ambush attack towards the main team protecting the VIP, and are equipped with the best tactical gears and weapons. They are a tactical unit that are comprise of physically and mentally fit men and women and are highly specialised in Close-Quarters Battle strategies. Our QRF unit act as an emergency response team are always on standby 24/7 in certain designated areas to support any sudden emergency situations related to the CPO and the principal as well as communities that they guard.

Events Management Team (EMT) | Event Security

security-guards-mvdEvents are places of large crowds in public spaces that need capable security teams to control entry/exit pathways and watch out for any on-site criminal activities. We have a pool of qualified men and women who are ready for deployment to such events, whether it be local or international. Our team consists of members of different backgrounds, from normal security guards up to CPOs.

Security Driver (SD) | Advanced Driving Capabilities

security driver A driver that is highly trained in security protocols and advanced driving capabilities is definitely much more valuable than a normal driver whose only skill is to drive like a normal person that knows routes. Security-trained drivers are an integral part of a Close Protection team and provide needed escort capabilities and direct-action response to any attack that befalls the main team and VIP. A security driver can also be armed, providing extra protection to the team and principal. A security driver is not, however, a bodyguard since he cannot be present beside the VIP at all times and is needed by the vehicle for security reasons, and to provide comfortable rides to and fro destinations. If an emergency happens, the security driver is to evacuate the team to safe havens. We do not do driver ‘cum’ bodyguards

Property and Residential Security Team (RST) | Security Guards

Security-Services-MalaysiaOur security guards are made up of trained Nepali and local Malaysian officers leading the team. In order to stand out from other companies, we train our security guards every week in physical fitness and martial arts lessons. We know that security guard work can be long hours of inactivity and boring routines; this can be daunting for our men, so we make sure that they are valued and given enough care, grooming and attention so that they feel like anyone else working for us. Because of this, the quality of our security guards are of a much higher level compared to those offered by other security companies. Even a smile and healthy body will make a difference in the way they operate.