Corporate Specialist Training

Clichéd as it may seem, the phrase above is still very true. At MVD, we believe that empowering your team with knowledge and skills will help them better protect your company’s interest.

The Training Division of MVD is known as the Asia Institute of Security & Investigation (ASIA ISI) and is based in Singapore. It is considered to be Asia’s most experienced and qualified security training group.

The institute has more Singaporean and International qualifications than any other security training organization. Our myriad of courses will suit your every need.

Established in 2000, we’ve been delivering high quality training and is the most experienced and qualified training group in Asia.

ASIA ISI trainers are security professionals sourced globally with a combined experience of more than 50 years. Our trainers are hands-on specialist in matters pertaining to investigation and security. All trainers are full time officers associated with MVD International.

Most of our training programs will have guest speakers who are distinguished trainers at their respective fields. Among others are ex-US Marine officers, ex-FBI senior trainers and high ranking Police personnel.


Description Duration
AAS Aviation & Airport Security 2 Days
ASCI Arts & Science of Corporate Intelligence 2 Days
ESM Effective Security Management 2 Days
BTM Bomb Threat Management 2 Days
BCI Business Competitive Intelligence 2 Days
CTP Cargo Theft Prevention 2 Days
ELS Effective Lodging Security 2 Days
EP Executive Protection 2 Days
ERPM Emergency Response Planning/Management 2 Days
ESOT Effective Security Officers Training 2 Days
FLP Fraud & Loss Prevention 2 Days
AIIT The Art of Investigative Interviews 2 Days
IWP Investigations in the Workplace 2 Days
IS Industrial Security 2 Days
PSS Physical Security Specialist 2 Days
SGT Security Guard Training 2 Days
SHW Sexual Harassment in the Workplace 1 Day
SOT Surveillance Operating Techiniques 2 Days
SRM Security Risk Management 2 Days
TCS Transportation & Cargo Security 2 Days
TOS Techniques of Surveillance 1 Day
UO Undercover Operations 2 Days
SST Security Investigation Techniques – 21st Century Perspective 2 Days
GDI Grievances & Domestic Inquiry 2 Days
SFGM Security Guard Force Management 2 Days
WD Workplace Dishonesty – Prevention & Detection 2 Days
ORC Organized Retail Crime 2 Days
SEM Event Security Management 2 Days
SSA Security Survey & Audits 2 Days
CGS Casino & Gaming Security 2 Days