Need to locate a person? Even if it is in an unknown whereabouts there are always search alternatives. One of them is the hiring of a private investigator.

At MVD Detectives, professionals are specialized in the location and obtaining information about the whereabouts of missing or hidden persons of their own free will. Their scope of action can be both national and international but always within the provisions of the Law.

What do they mean by this? Well, before private agents accept a case, they try to collect all the relevant information about the research contracted for the location of people. That is, Private Detective Malaysia investigates the legality of the order and once accepted, the equipment assigned for the investigation begins with the established procedure.

What people can Penyiasat Persendirian Malaysia detectives locate?

  • Spouses/Children/Family Missing
  • Judicial Notifications
  • Debtors
  • Scammers

Location of a missing family member

Even if it seems a lie to locate a missing relative, it’s usually no easy task. Actually, any research commission for disappearance is a daily challenge because most people investigators try to locate do not want to be found. For example, the case of spouses is missing out of non-compliance with alimony or homelessness with children, teenagers escaping from home, etc.

But there may be cases where they have to look for a missing person unintentionally. People with Alzheimer are who don’t know where they are or don’t remember how to get back and have been missing for days, alleged kidnappings.

Location of people by court notification

At MVD Detective agency, Private Detective Malaysia collaborates with different law firms to assist them in the location of missing persons by court notification. Most of these cases usually occur because the person has forgotten to communicate a change of address in the courthouse unconsciously or, on the contrary, with the intention of evading justice.

The performance of a private detective will help provide a valid address where to send back the court notification.

Location of debtors

Private Detective Malaysia also performs location of delinquent people. In most cases, these types of people who owe large amounts of money have been disassociated from any information that can identify them. They may remain in national territory or have been hidden abroad.

This is where the work of private officers comes into play that will have to carry out a thorough investigation since the slightest mistake can alert the debtor.

Location of scammers

Private research to locate scammers usually takes place internationally. The case of extradition or administrative bureaucracy in each country has much to do in such locations, since many people who have committed a crime or several seek residence in other countries to evade the justice of the country in which they committed the offence.

If your company or family needs a detective agency for the location of people, at MVD investigation, Penyiasat Persendirian Malaysia expertsare specialized and trained to offer a tailor-made service for each client.

Do not hesitate to contact them if you have the suspicion or certainty of the disappearance of a person with responsibility for justice, your business or your family.