Do you suspect your spouse of cheating? Are you suffering from a corporate fraud and want it to be investigated? No matter what the reason is, private investigation help with providing unbiased information, proof and maintain complete confidentiality of the client. The team of experienced investigators helps with handling multiple cases.

Penyiasat Persendirian Malaysia and private investigation services have an ace team who helps in successfully handling different types of cases. The investigators handle a range of investigations like business, private, matrimonial, background screening and pre-employment screening. The surveillance and investigation strategies ensure effective results and outcome from the investigation.

  • Team of Intelligence Professionals for the Investigation

Most of the private investigations are carried out by a team of expert professionals with prior experience of working in intelligence, customs, security, forensic, police etc. This helps in devising and using smart strategies for successful investigation results. The team makes sure to analyze the client case closely and devise a solid plan.

It is not only the acumen but even the use of advance technology which helps in solving many cases. When it comes to investigation corporate fraud or multi-national company fraud, it requires use of technology programs for investigation. The investigation handles cases of cheating or adultery, matrimonial cheating and employment screening.

  • Investigative Services Offered by the Private Detective Agencies

Apart from the investigation services, there are multiple agencies that provide highly trained security services Malaysia. The guards are trained for guarding commercial and residential properties. Corporate and personal bodyguard requires extensive training for providing advance services and protection to the clients.

Private investigation services are of different types and there are experienced individual who work depending on the client requirement. The private investigators offer some of the below mentioned services for the client.

  • Spouse Investigation and Cheating – It is indeed one of the most difficult things to do but if you doubt or for sure know the partner is cheating but have no proof, it is best to hire a private detective. The evidence can be used in legal proceeding.
  • Matrimonial Checks – Are you planning to tie the knot but no nothing about the person? Private investigators can help in checking for pattern of behavior or more about the person before marriage.
  • GPS tracking and Mobile Checks – The private investigators have all the technology to help with GPS tracking as well as tracking Smartphone. The GPS tracker helps with checking for the tracking location based on mobile network.
  • The other types of private investigation including monitoring movement of the child, finding for the missing person, detailed travel analysis of a place or risk involved, address verification or business or loan verification.
  • Corporate Investigation and Pre-Employment Screening and Checks

There are different types of corporate fraud which require investigation with help of high tech surveillance system as well as technology. The services include asset tracing, background screening for the employees, infringement of intellectual property rights etc. The background check and pre-employment screening help in reducing the chances of hiring the wrong person.