Background Screening

Keeping a safe environment in the workplace is just as important as protecting your home against threats. Employees, whether tenured or newly-hired, can have an impact on your company’s reputation if not carefully selected. Hence, performing a background screening is an effective way to discover potential risks that may affect your business.

What is background screening? Why is it important? And how can it affect your business if not properly conducted?

Background screening is the process of collecting information such as criminal reports, employment history, and financial data of an individual. It is often conducted during the pre-employment process, especially in companies where trust and security are highly required, like government agencies, schools, cash-in-transit companies, financial institutions, and the healthcare sector.

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In the 2018 survey sponsored by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), the results indicated that 95% of companies continue to conduct employee background screening as part of their pre-employment process. The research revealed that public safety—protecting the employees, customers, etc.—is the top reason why human resources professionals conduct the screening. Other reasons include improving the quality of hires, regulation requirements, protecting company reputation, and preventing and/or reducing theft, embezzlement and other criminal activities.

It is crucial to have a systematic and efficient screening process, that’s why many companies depend on private investigation firms to handle the task for them.

In Malaysia, MVD International is the leading licensed professional private investigation agency operating since 2003. MVD ensures that their investigators and detectives carry out their job in full confidence while maintaining confidentiality on all obtained information. They specialize in employee background screening and private investigation.

Employee Background Screening

It is indubitable that great employees make great companies. This is the reason why most job hiring processes are intensive and strenuous.

Most employers conduct pre-employment screenings of job applicants and even continuously check on existing staff during their work. In this process, the employer investigates an applicant’s background to verify the accuracy of his or her claims and to look into any possible unwanted history. Workplace harassment and violence, fraud, and corruption are just some of the commonly reported crimes that affect the company’s image and financial stability.

To mitigate these risks, MVD International provides employee background screening services to weed out the bad apples.

Here are their common pre-employment screenings:

  • Personal Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Referee Verification
  • Character Assessment
  • Incriminating Evidence Search
  • Credit Vetting
  • Credit Default
  • Civil Vetting
  • Bankruptcy Vetting
  • Credit Summons
  • Driving Violation Records
  • Employers Federation Search
  • Student Loan Search
  • Directorship Search
  • Global & Local Intelligence Evidence Search
  • Unethical Financing & Money Laundering Search
  • Global Internet & Media Search

Confidentiality is supreme when it comes to the huge amounts of sensitive information that MVD International deal with in their investigations. But with their Confidential Document Management System (CDMS), they make sure to dispose of all documents in a secure and environment-friendly process.

So why is employee background screening important for your business?

With the most qualified and trusted employee, your company can maintain financial stability and a safe environment for everyone. This, in return, reduces attrition, incompetence, and potential lawsuits.

Private Investigations



There is an increasing need for private investigators. An IBISWorld report shows that the industry has an annual growth of 3.0% from 2014-2019.

MVD International specializes in assisting individuals with their private investigation needs as well. From cases of premarital investigation to marital discord and missing persons to loan validations. They offer extremely confidential, discreet, cost-effective, and most importantly, highly competent service.

As a team of efficient and trustworthy professionals, their investigators do not live off coffee and doughnuts when carrying out surveillance. They have the resources to gather seemingly hard to find information and keep it confidential until asked to testify in court. Plus, their knowledge about the law and its infringements guarantees that legal proof will be provided to their clients before taking any necessary actions.

Their Private Investigation Services include:

  • Adultery/Infidelity/Cheating Spouse Investigation
  • Surveillance
  • Pre-/Post-Matrimonial Checks
  • Child Movement Monitoring
  • Child Custody
  • Missing Person
  • Tracking via GPS
  • Mobile Phone Checks
  • Travel Check
  • Address Verifications
  • Personal/Business Loan Verification

Why choose MVD International for your private investigation needs?

Their team of investigators and detectives utilizes state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to ensure successful results of the investigation. Clients are in control of the investigation as they keep them updated with their findings and data collected so they can make informed decisions. They have very satisfied clients with a 90% investigation success rate.

Specialised Security Services



MVD International is launching its new line of specialised security services, which include Executive Protection or Close Protection Operative (EPO/CPO). This service is designed for international security and threat management of high profile personalities. Their professional operatives have advanced training in operational planning, surveillance, tactical combat, driving, and conflict management to name a few.

EPO caters to dignitaries, ministers, VVIP, celebrities, C-level executives, company presidents, and CEOs while CPO is more likely for VIP, businessmen, and special events. Other specialised security services are:

  • Executive Aide De Camp
  • Principal Protection Operative
  • Quick Reaction Force
  • Events Management Team
  • Security Driver
  • Property and Residential Security Team

As one of the top-ranked licensed investigation agencies in Malaysia, MVD International has taken pride in its reputation for discreet investigations performed safely and within the rule of law. They have been providing high-quality services to clients in law firms, multinational corporations, insurance companies, financial institutions, and private individuals. They have not only expanded their services across Malaysia and the Southeast Asian countries but also established associates and partners across Australasia, Europe and America.

For a comprehensive private investigation, call +603 7866 0071 now and speak to their certified agents.