Pre-employment Verification

The consequences to an organization when a candidate or employee misrepresents his or her professional certification or license status can be enormous. The risk ranges from embarrassment and compromised business performance to declining market value and civil and criminal liability.


The Clearinghouse’s certification and license verification service enables you to make timely and well-informed hiring, promotion and compensation decisions. With our reliable and authenticated verifications you can have confidence that candidates possess the current certifications they need to perform their jobs.

MVD International Employer Verification service verifies a candidate’s current and previous jobs while protecting their privacy. Since many candidates are employed when they begin seeking a new position, a common request is that their current employer not be contacted. However, a candidate’s most recent employment experience is often most relevant to the position they are applying for. The MVD International service checks candidate-provided documentation or other verifiable proof of employment.

Key Benefits:

  • Protects applicant privacy
  • Improved to applicant history
  • Provides up-to-date information


MVD International Employer Verification Benefits

Through MVD International’s Employer Verification service, companies can gain the verification information they need to make a hiring decision, without jeopardizing a candidate’s privacy as it pertains to their current employer. Leveraging both employment registration and candidate-provided documentation, MVD International can confirm current employment, without contacting the current employer directly.

Benefits of MVD International’s Employer Verification service include:

  • Protects a candidate’s privacy with their current employer.
  • Allows employers to verify a candidate’s current employment in order to identify candidates who may lie.
  • Provides greater visibility into a candidate’s job history.

Many employers conduct pre-employment screenings of job applicants. During this process, the employer investigates an applicant’s background to verify the accuracy of his claims and to look into any possible of unwanted history.


Background checks are often requested by employers on job candidates for employment screening, especially on candidates seeking a position that requires high security or a position of trust, such as in a school, hospital, financial institution, airport, and government. These checks are traditionally administered by a government agency for a nominal fee, but can also be administered by private companies. Background checks can be expensive depending on the information requested. Results of a background check typically include past employment verification, credit history, and criminal history.

These checks are often used by employers as a means of judging a job candidate’s past mistakes, character, and fitness, and to identify potential hiring risks for safety and security reasons. Background checks are also used to thoroughly investigate potential government employees in order to be given a clearance. Checks are frequently conducted to confirm information found on an employment application or résumé/curriculum vitae. One study showed that half of all reference checks done on prospective employees differed between what the job applicant provided and what the source reported.They may also be conducted as a way to further differentiate potential employees and pick the one the employer feels is best suited for the position. Employers have an obligation to make sure their work environment is safe for all employees and helps prevent other employment problems in the workplace.

Common pre-employment screenings include:

  • Personal Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Referee Verification
  • Character Assessment
  • Incriminating Evidence Search
  • Credit Vetting
  • Credit Default
  • Civil Vetting
  • Bankruptcy Vetting
  • Credit Summons
  • Driving Violation Records
  • Employers Federation Search
  • Student Loan Search
  • Directorship Search
  • Global & Local Intelligence Evidence Search
  • Unethical Financing & Money Laundering Search
  • Global Internet & Media Search

MVD provides the intimate details before you tie-the-knot with an employee or company

MVD provides background screening services for both Individuals and Corporate as follows:

  • Individual Screening

Prior to hiring new staff and to check on existing staff, you can use our own background screening program.

  • Company Background Checks

Due diligence reports using our SDDP (Shhhhh! Due Diligence Project) process.

  • Confidential Document Management System (CDMS)

Confidentiality is supreme when it comes to the huge amounts of sensitive information we deal with in our investigation. As such we dispose of all documents in a secure and environmentally friendly process

How Does Background Screening Help Your Company?

  • Profits
  • Advantage
  • Employee Skills
  • Safety


  • Attrition
  • Incompetence
  • Theft
  • Lawsuits