For any corporate office, it is mandatory, now a day, for many obvious reasons, to check and verify an employee and his candidature, before he or she is offered to work.

Before discussing the reasons and advantages for this procedure, let us first find out the procedure involved.

Employment Checks and Screening

The steps involved in this procedure of employment checks and screening includes:

  • Personal verification
  • Referee verification
  • Education verification
  • Character assessment
  • Credit vetting
  • Student loan search
  • Driving violation records
  • Civil vetting
  • Credit default
  • Incriminating evidence search
  • Bankruptcy vetting
  • Directorship search
  • Global internet and media search
  • Global and local intelligence evidence search
  • Unethical financing and money laundering search

Employers request these processes on job seeking candidates, primarily for the purpose of employment screening. Such severe processes as stated above are implemented, mainly, in the cases related to the employment of people with high profiles and those that require a position of trust.

And, such procedures are required in places such as schools, educational institutions, hospitals, airports, government agencies, and financial institutions. Though these checks and verifications are implemented by government agencies, they can also be conducted by private enterprises.

Based on the information required for screening and verification, the procedure of verification and checks are cost-effective. If for any reason, there is a huge requirement of information in the screening and verification, the procedure of screening and verification can be expensive.

Normally, the output of these background checks includes past employment verification, credit history, and criminal history.


Normally, these checks and verifications are conducted as a means to find out the candidate’s job mistakes, discipline, character, and fitness results.

In addition to the initial screenings and verifications, the agencies are informed by the authorities, to conduct these procedures, periodically. This is so, because, to assure a smooth and productive performance of the candidate being screened.

The main reason behind these procedures of screening and verification in the Security Services Malaysia, include, creating a safer work environment and thereby assuring a safer workplace for all the employees in the organization.

Such a procedure helps in preventing the occurrence of any problems in the workplace.

One major reason behind the conducting of this procedure is to identify the perfect fit for the position required. Because this information collected about the candidate being considered can be utilized to further precede the consideration of the candidate for the job.

Further, the information collected in this procedure can be utilized by the authorities to differentiate the employees being considered and thereby find the best candidate that suits the position being considered.

Such an enormous procedure helps you and your organization to create a safer work environment that avoids all the hurdles and obstacles that hinder the productivity of the employees and thereby your organization.

Thus, now that we can conclude the importance of employment screening procedures and checks and verifications in the process of selecting a candidate for a position in an organization.